Illinois Juries Continue to Award Mega Verdicts

May 14, 2024

In the first few months of 2024, there has been no slowing down the mega verdicts that continue to be awarded for medical liability cases in Illinois. ISMIE routinely monitors legal cases relevant to the practice of medicine. Here are some recent court activities of interest.

In early May, a Cook County jury awarded $23 million in a medical liability lawsuit, other recent Cook County cases include an award of $14 million, another jury awarded $10.4 million, and a dental care root canal case came in at a high of $1 million. The trend of mega verdicts continues in a concerning environment.

For those impacted by lawsuits, whether now or in the future, ISMIE’s Litigation Resource Center offers strategies that will help policyholders navigate or prepare for the psychological pressures often associated with being served with a lawsuit.

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