ISMIE's Approach to State Reporting Requirements

In addition to the National Practitioner Data Dank (NPDB), ISMIE is required to report certain claims outcomes to various state authorities. Please note that the time frame, as well as the extent of the reporting, varies from state to state.

In Illinois, pursuant to The Medical Practice Act of 1987 Par. 60/23 (A), (3) and following payment of a claim, a report to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is submitted at the same time as the NPDB report submission. ISMIE provides our policyholders with a working copy of the report before the final reports are submitted. While we cannot change the allegations made by the plaintiff, we do want you to be comfortable with the description of the acts and/or omissions that are being reported.

Approximately 30 to 60 days after receiving our report, IDFPR will notify you acknowledging receipt of the report. This letter will advise you of the mandatory requirements regarding reporting responses, as well as the department's follow-up investigation process. Failure to respond to the IDFPR’s letter within the time frames given may result in a minimum $1,000 fine and an appearance before the state disciplinary board.

For additional information, contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at

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