NPDB Background

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is an information clearinghouse to collect and release information related to the professional competence and conduct of physicians, dentists and other licensed health care practitioners.

The information in the NPDB serves only to alert state licensee authorities and health care entities that there may be a problem with a particular practitioner's professional competence or conduct. The Privacy Act protects the contents from the general public and medical liability payors. Information reported to the NPDB is considered confidential and is only available to queriers as authorized by law. Some authorized queriers include:

  • Hospitals requesting information concerning a practitioner on its medical staff. 
  • Health care entities (including hospitals) that have entered or may be entering an employment agreement with a physician. 
  • Practitioners requesting information about themselves. 
  • Medical examiners or other state licensing boards.

You can contact the National Practitioner Data Bank at

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