Legal Cases

Update on the Attack Against Pennsylvania's 'Venue Shopping' Reforms
As we previously reported, Pennsylvania lawmakers were considering changes to important court rules put in place to limit "venue shopping" in medical liability cases.
Lawyer on the Lam Nabbed in Nicaragua
Last month, U.S. Marshals arrested a West Virginia lawyer who fled the United States back in 2016 over accusations of fraudulent billing.
North Dakota Supreme Court Rules that a Physician Does Not Owe a Duty of Care to Third Parties
At ISMIE, we monitor state and national medical litigation trends. Recently, North Dakota’s high court ruled in a case of first impression regarding third party culpability in a medical liability lawsuit.
Coders Clash Over Cash
What do you get when two companies with market capitalizations totaling more than $1 trillion disagree on who rightly owns something? A decade of litigation costing untold millions and a date with the nation’s highest court for a mega-dollar battle.

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