Jeez, Are You Really Suing Over Cheese?

May 4, 2021

A Wisconsin woman recently filed suit against Kraft over the ingredients used in Bagel Bite Pizza Snacks, which carry the “Real Dairy” seal.

That’s not “real mozzarella cheese” the plaintiff accuses in the federal lawsuit, which is seeking class action status.

"Wisconsin consumers want real mozzarella cheese in pizza because they value (1) its soft, moist texture, (2) its milky, yet tangy taste and (3) its high protein and relatively low calories and sodium compared to other cheeses," the suit states.

Kraft responded to a similar suit that they do indeed use real mozzarella in their bites, in a blend with other cheeses. (Yes, you read that correctly, there was a similar mozzarella lawsuit filed in New York!)

Wisconsinites aren’t just concerned about cheese. Last year the plaintiff’s attorney scooped an ice-cream lawsuit into Illinois’ clogged courts due to her concern about vanilla extract labeling.

Let’s hope other disputatious dairy devotees don’t go after Ben and Jerry’s because no members of the Grateful Dead are actual ingredients in Cherry Garcia.
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