Unlucky? Or Does One Paid Claim Lead to More?

February 21, 2023

New study examines association of paid medical professional liability claims and future risk

If a physician has one paid medical professional liability claim, they’re at very high risk of having another paid claim, according to a new data analysis published by JAMA Health Forum. The study authors found that physicians with one paid claim, regardless of their medical specialty, were almost four times as likely to have more paid claims within the next five years as compared to physicians with no prior paid claims.
Plaintiffs’ attorneys may be more likely to bring claims against physicians with known paid claims, but in this analysis, public disclosure of claims did not affect the future outcomes.
What’s the antidote? According to the authors, “timely, noncoercive intervention, including education, has the potential to reduce future claims.” ISMIE offers an innovative and robust risk management program for our policyholders to help you mitigate risks and provide quality patient care.
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