Helping Patients by Integrating Behavioral Healthcare

January 16, 2024

It’s important for patients to understand the significant link between physical and mental health. That’s why the goal of behavioral health integration (BHI) is to provide patient-centered care through the collaboration of primary care teams and behavioral health clinicians, including psychologists, social workers, nurses or other individuals trained in mental health/substance use disorder, health education or lifestyle counseling.

In the latest installment of ISMIE’s Lessons from the Field, various models of behavioral health integration are explained, along with highlights of both the benefits and challenges of BHI for patients and the healthcare team.

This installment provides examples of how behavioral health integration was used successfully in various specialties and shares helpful information on how to establish BHI in your practice.

Lessons from the Field is just one of ISMIE’s many offerings designed to help you keep patients safe and mitigate your risk.

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