Here’s Your 2024 Update Regarding Medical Records

March 05, 2024

Each year, changes take effect pertaining to allowable charges for copies of medical records.
To find out the fee limits for 2024, our friends at the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) offer several resources, including the newly updated Medical Record Quick Guide. This handy one-page reference guide covers medical record copying and handling fees and the length of time medical records must be retained.
These related ISMS medical legal guidelines have also been updated for 2024:
  • Individual and Third-Party Access to Medical Records: This resource covers information about accessing the medical records in the form and format requested, along with the fees, and how to provide medical records to patients and their personal representatives for healthcare.
  • HIPAA Medical Record Cost Calculation Sheet: This cost calculation worksheet is designed to help your team calculate the actual costs for providing medical records to patients or their personal representatives, including paper, postage and labor; average costs; flat fees for electronic copies; and per-page copy fees.
For a comprehensive overview of this topic, access ISMIE’s medical record access and retention resource.
Please contact the Risk Management Division by email if you have questions. 
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