New Requirements for DEA-Registered Healthcare Professionals

July 11, 2023

A new federal law, the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act, is now in effect as of the end of June 2023. This law requires all physicians who are applying for or renewing a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) controlled substance license to complete a new one-time requirement of 8 hours of opioid training.
This is a completely separate requirement from Illinois’ opioid prescribing CME mandates. But the same 5 hours of education ISMIE offers that fulfills Illinois’ mandated CME requirements related to safe opioid prescribing can be used toward the 8 hours required for the DEA’s training.
Access ISMIE’s five on-demand courses.

To learn more, the DEA provides an FAQ. The deadline to complete this training is the date of your next scheduled DEA registration submission, which is renewable every three years.
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