Risk Management

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July 15: Digital Transformation of Medicine in the COVID-19 Era; Online 24/7: Physician Well-Being: What’s Changed and What’s More Important than Ever in the Wake of COVID-19.
Staff Training and Supervision Are Critical Factors for Mitigating Practice Risk
Your team’s work reflects on you. When a team member makes a mistake or is responsible for a communication breakdown that ultimately results in a medical liability claim, you could potentially be held to blame.
Virtual ISMIE Risk Assessments Offer Personalized Insights While Keeping Patients and Staff Safe
Virtual risk assessments have been available since last year, and we anticipate that more and more policyholders will be taking advantage of this option in the coming months.
Mitigate Risk with Screening Tests
Screening tests have become prevalent today in medical practice due to their diagnostic value in helping to identify potential health problems early or detect disease in patients who aren’t yet showing any symptoms.

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